Andrew Dickson

“I’ll wait, but hardly bear to wait”

I’ll wait, but hardly bear to wait,

Until the veil is gathered in

And stored away forever, never

More to shroud the earth, cloak-like, again.

These dull, tired eyes, yet brought to life

Which look and hope beyond what’s seen

Still strain with every ounce to pierce

And catch a glimpse of destiny.

Beyond the sea, across the shore,

Horizons span forevermore.

I’ll wait, but hardly bear to wait,

Until the dark clouds pass behind

And there beyond, before, and here,

Is Light that shines for all to see;

A thread of gold that, drawing in,

Guides each step along the way

Though Shadow’s screams and shrieks abound,

The dark will give ground to the day.

The storm will pass, the night soon gone,

A sweeter passage has been won.

I’ll wait, but hardly bear the weight,

‘Til sin is gone; to live, renewed,

When groans shall shuffle off and sighs

Turn light and join with widened smiles.

When limbs and mind no longer ache

This mortal coil shall be remade

In joy that here, at last, is peace

That touches each and every inch.

Cast off the weight of sin and strife,

In place of living comes new life.

I’ll wait, but hardly bear to wait,

Until the face I long to see

And touch and sing before is clear;

The face of Him who rescued me.

Praise this name forevermore

Who all of the redeemed adore,

Where saints, old, new, will sing and cheer

And those ‘fore lost in time draw near.

I have not seen, but it is known,

This place that I will soon call home.

Andrew Dickson studied English literature and sociology at Queen’s University Belfast, and is the author of a recently published book of Christmas meditations.


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